The National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (NAPS) assists in the auditing of antimicrobial prescribing practices within Australian health care facilities. It is coordinated by researchers within Melbourne Health, with support from the NHMRC and   the Australian Commission for Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC).

The NAPS is designed to provide a standardised collection tool, allowing participants to audit antimicrobial prescribing within their facility and facilitate local quality improvement.

The use of NAPS:

  • allows auditors to apply both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess antimicrobial prescribing
  • provides data to facilitate hospital comparison and benchmarking
  • identifies problem areas where prescribing varies from recommendations
  • identifies indications and usage to guide interventions

The NAPS is supported by the ACSQHC as an effective Antimicrobial Stewardship strategy. The NAPS results can be used as evidence to support the AMS criteria of the NSQHS Standard 3: Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections.

Results from the NAPS 2013 are available here

Results from the NAPS 2014 are available here


Data from the NAPS 2014 is due to be released soon.


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